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The presence of Odourous gas like Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Mercaptan and other VOC's in exhaust stream can be physically and chemically treated and controlled using Adsorption technology (Dry Scrubbing Technology). Dry scrubber uses dry Adsorption media that effectively removes VOC's and other odorous gases in Industrial Environment. Customizing a dryscrubber and selecting proper adsorption media is very critical and varies based on process, quantity and properties of VOC's emitted. Apzem had a strong team of Engineers and Consultants having deeper knowledge in DryScrubbing Technology and other air pollution control equipments. We custom design, Manufacture and do errection and comissioning of Dry adsorption scrubber and other Industrial air pollution control Products (Wet Scrubber, Fume extractor, dust collectors, Blower and Industrial ducting) after thorough understanding of your process and Needs. Request For Quote

About Our Dry Scrubber


DryScrubber is a dry type scrubber and it works on dry adsorption technology. on other hand Wetscrubber works on liquid absorption technology and consumes lots of water for operation. Some of the pollutants that are not readily soluable in wet scrubbing liquid can be easily treated and controlled using Dry scrubber. And In some places having water shortage and for Odour control, Dry scrubber is the best choice. The selection of Dry adsorption media, Designing and custamization of Dry scrubber for particular process and pollutants needs vast experience and understanding of various air pollution control Technology. Apzem Engineers and Consultants will undergo a thorough field study and understands the process, source and the amount of pollutants generated, and it's nature and type of pollutants present so as to optimally design the scrubber that would decreases unwanted costs and increases efficiency.

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